Marvel : Captain Marvel

Hello Guys! It’s March, and guess what movie’s coming out? You guessed it, Captain Marvel! Today I will talk about this movie and what to expect from it.


Leaving off from Avenger’s Infinity War, in the last scene, you see Nick Fury. He grabs a device from the car. Then you see Nick start to disappear. He clicks send, and then disappears. The phone hits the ground, and the phone makes a ring. Then it shows this symbol;


Do you see the star in the middle? Well, that’s Captain Marvel’s Symbol. Go here if you want to see the full last scene. Anyway, in this new movie, everybody wants to see how this superhero will save the rest of the heroes.

In my opinion, I would say that you should expect a pretty high of a movie. This movie will introduce another hero, and this time, she will have an entire different backstory. Marvel will have to make this movie at its best, because they want people to see a unique superhero, that will save them all. If Marvel does a good job on this movie, Infinity War Part 2 : ENDGAME will be a really good movie. ( Go here to see that trailer). Anyway, hopefully this movie turns out good!

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