Marvel: Infinity War Part 2 – Endgame

With Captain Marvel hitting theaters in March, Marvel had more to add. On April 26th, the sequel to Avengers: Infinity War will be released. It has been named: “Endgame”. Fans are not sure what is going to happen. This movie will be an instant hit, as it is a sequel to a movie that was released in 2018.

I would think that buying tickets first thing would be pretty smart. After it comes out, people will be giving out huge spoilers. Another thing to look forward to – Captain Marvel showing her full potential. To defeat Thanos, all the remaining superheroes will have to work together. With the addition of Captain Marvel, they have a higher chance.




This movie is also confirmed to be 3 hours and 58 seconds long. This means there will be a lot happening in the movie. My theory is that one major character is also going to die. I don’t know exactly what will happen, but I’m sure we’re in for a big surprise!

Another question that I am thinking about – what will happen to the rest of the characters? After they disappeared into dust, will the Avengers ( or what’s left ) be able to save them? Most likely, they will. If they didn’t Marvel would have to make this a trilogy series or lose a lot of money. Killing off half of the characters isn’t a very good idea.

This movie hits theaters April 26th – make sure you book your seat! Now just a minute, while I get my popcorn.

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