If you’ve not heard already, the Raptors beat the 2 – time defending champs, the Golden State Warriors. They did this in 6 games. The Warriors lost Durant and Thompson to an injury that will likely keep them out for most or all of next season. Durant tore his Achilles in Game 5’s win by the Warriors. Klay Thompson tore his ACL in Game 6’s loss by the Warriors. Klay went down hard after a dunk. They both are injured badly.

If you’re a Warriors fan, you might think that’s the worst. Durant getting injured, Klay tearing his ACL. You might think the dynasty is over. And you might be right. But before we get on to the Free Agency trades, I would like to talk about the NBA Draft.

The NBA Draft is when all the teams get to draft people from college teams, to start their NBA career with that team. A lot of teams got good picks. The Pelicans might be a young star team! They got lucky and selected Zion Williamson in the first pick of the draft.

A lot of teams got good trades in the NBA. Some major trades happened that might change the NBA forever. First of all, Kevin Durant signed a four year deal with the Brooklyn Nets, sending D’Angelo Russel to the Warriors. Second, Kyrie Irving also signed a four year deal with the Brooklyn Nets. Also, Anthony Davis has finally gotten traded to the Lakers, for a couple of Laker players. The Lakers might become a fan favorite to win the 2020 Championship. Kemba Walker got traded to the Celtics as well. Andre Iguodala also got traded to the Grizzlies for a first-round pick in the 2024 draft for the Warriors. Recently, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George just got traded to the Clippers. Also, Russell Westbrook got traded to the Rockets, sending Chris Paul to the Thunder, as well as draft picks. There are many trades still going on (as of July 2019), and these trades can change the NBA (You saw the Kawaii Leonard trade spark a new championship team).

Besides the trades I listed, there are a lot of players eyeing teams. There are a lot of young stars that also want to be part of a team. Some stars are here to stay though. Klay Thompson signed a 4 – 5 year deal with the Warriors. I doubt Lebron James, James Harden, and countless others are going to get traded too. Some stars are here to stay!

That’s the latest on the NBA.

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