About Me

Hello Everyone! My name is Rishab Jain. I go to Parkmont Elementary School. I am 9 1/2 years old, and I love computers. In fact, I would like to be in the computer field (software engineer) when I grow up, just like my mom and dad. I decided to make this website to share things about me on the web.

Thanks for joining me in my online world! I will share a few things about me below, such as my favorite color, favorite hobbies, and many more. Look below to see if you match me in any of these things.

  • Favorite color : (I don’t really have one, but probably blue)
  • Favorite movie : Marvel : INFINITY WAR
  • Favorite video game : Super Smash Bros.
  • Favorite video game console : Nintendo Switch
  • Favorite Sport : Basketball
  • Favorite Sports Team : Golden State Warriors
  • Favorite Instrument : Guitar
  • Favorite Song : Sunflower (by Post Malone and Swae Lee)

Some More Things About Me

I do lots of activities. I am a red belt in Martial Arts (to be exact, Taekwondo). I also do Cub Scouts (comes before Boy Scouts) and I am a Webelos. I do swimming at Calphin and am a Racer 1, 13th Level. I also play Guitar.